The Mission

Our Purpose is to bring our vision to great communities.  We will develop the human capital, raise city revenues, and elevate community pillars (education, faith based organizations, and non-profits) in the areas that we do business.

Good Food

We take great pride in our Primo Quesadillas. We develop every recipe in house and pick the freshest ingredients for each of our signature quesadillas. We use only fresh, never frozen, meats. We bring in and prep fresh vegetables. We make all of our sauces in-house, fresh everyday. Our fries are long cut, non-coated Idaho potatoes, served hot and crisp every time. Our tortillas are made by a local tortilla factory and brought in daily for the highest quality and freshness. Quesadillas are what we do and we hope you agree that every time you eat at Dillas you taste the effort we put into everyone of our Primo Quesadilla meals.


SLICED AND DICED DAILY We believe fresh ingredients give the most flavor, and that's why we prep fresh daily! We chop our veggies, shred our cabbage, squeeze limes for limeade and make our sauces every day. Fresh, never frozen meats are the only thing you'll find in our kitchens. Our premium tortillas are made by a local tortilla factory and are brought in daily. We're foodies and we know to make our customers happy we have to give them what we'd want, PRIMO PRODUCT!


GOT A GROUP? Dillas is a great option for catering with options for small groups, large groups or even on site events. We can prepare boxed meals with any of our "Foolproof Favorites" to give everyone a full meal. Our Mega Dillas are great for groups small and large - put out a buffet and let everyone try a little of everything! We're happy to help you decide what option is best for you, just contact us today!


RESTRICTIONS DON'T BOTHER US Dietary restrictions are not a problem at Dillas! Whether you are on a diet or have dietary limitations due to lifestyle choice, allergies or sensitivities, we have something for you! Vegetarians will love the Bluebonnet with flavorful zucchini. Vegan or Dairy-free? We've got a bean spread to hold your Dilla together in place of the cheese. Gluten* or Carb-free customers can enjoy any Dilla "Salad Style", put all your Dilla ingredients on a bed of fresh spinach and romaine instead of a tortilla. And of course we always have our Not-a-Dilla salad for those looking for a lighter option. Whatever your needs, Dillas has something to offer!

*We do have a Gluten-Free tortilla upon request for an upcharge. The GF tortillas are grilled on the same grill as the regular tortillas, so those with a severe allergy or Celiac disease are better suited to order "Salad Style" due to cross-contamination.

Good People

People are the cornerstone of our company. Without Primo People we couldn’t do what we do. We value our people – they are what makes our enthusiastic culture work. We have a culture of hard work, great attitudes, big smiles, and we work hard to make sure everyone of our Team Members fits that mold so you have a Primo Experience every time you’re in one of our restaurants. At Dillas, we are all about delivering The Goods! Good people, good food, and good times while working hard and keepin’ it clean! Ever since I’ve been in the restaurant industry my favorite part has been the people and culture that make going to work fun! I love a culture that jokes, laughs, sings, and dances while working as a team to ensure every customer at every location is given a PRIMO experience.


MEET THE MAN WHO STARTED IT ALL | Company founder, Kyle Gordon, is a laid back guy who loves him some quesadillas. Born and raised in Austin, TX he was raised a foodie. He attended school in Austin and once he graduated he got a job in the restaurant business. After 7 awesome years at one of the nation's fastest growing concepts, Kyle went out on his own to found Dillas Primo Quesadillas. Although he loves slingin' tortillas and melting cheese, his true love is family. When not working you'll find him out in the community with his wife, Maggie and 2 kids Parker and Grace.


YOU'LL LOVE WORKING AT DILLAS | We're a young company with high energy. We're looking for rock stars who like excitement and growth. Dillas is focused on maintaining an outgoing family atmosphere both for customers and Team Members. You'll never feel like you're working for a cold corporation; instead you'll always feel like part of a team working towards the same goals. We're committed to individual development, training, and to rewarding hard work. We hope you'll apply and experience first hand what Dillas is all about!


WE'RE LIKE FAMILY | Not only do we have great employees, we have great patrons - that's YOU! We work hard to keep a fun vibe at the restaurant and want to encourage you to bring your family and friends to enjoy some PRIMO quesadillas. Whether lunch with the family or a dinner with the team after the game, Dillas is the place you can always count on! We want you to feel like you are a part of our family, and we want to get involved with you.

Good Times

Good times is our have fun mantra. Life is too short to not enjoy every breath of it. At Dillas we don't just talk about it, we are about it. We smile, sing, dance, joke, and fly around enjoying our time at work. Good times at Dillas isn't something you just see, you'll feel it. It could be a great greeting or smile when you walk in the door or the energy you get from our team communicating and hustling to make your Primo Quesadilla. Our goal is to make everyone's day better and we hope that you'll see how we make this happen every time you drop by.